In answer to the questions about the "How Do I Do that Extended Manual" this manual by
Alec Pagaida is also being reduced in price - sorry Alec.

This manual now is available as an adobe full color attachment for $19.95. You can view the manual on your computer but can not print it out.

You can also purchase a bound printed black and white copy for $29.95 that includes priority mail to the US. For shippping outside the US please add $6.00 postage. Once the inventory of printed copies are gone I will not be printing this manual again due to the cost involved. So If your not sure this is the final chapter on this great extended manual.

We have a small inventory of videos of the
KN7000 new features and a very very small inventory of the KN7000 book. Anyone in the
US looking for a savings should contact me


Walt Tenay
Walt Tenay Keyboard Studios