Hi guys,
I have recently purchased Casio CTK 6300IN for my 7 year kid, he is learning keyboard from last 2 years. But I have a problem, in Indian Rhythm section there is no "Ektaal" rhythm, his music teacher told to add Ektaal rhythm if possible. I have been searching a way to add, sent a mail to Casio as well but they told me it is not possible to add Indian Rhythm, but I think it is possible, I have searched Casio website and found Casio Data Manager v6.1 and I believe it can be added, but the problem is, I know nothing about these things.

First of all please tell me is it really possible or not? Secondly, if it is possible tell me the procedure to add "Ektaal" in Casio CTK 6300IN.

Thanks in advance.