The new audio standard for professional audio seems to be 192khz 24bits losless audio.

So why do we spend so much money on instruments that have this high fidillity and then use compressed MP3 files, loosing quallity in the end..

Tough uncompressed audio files or lossless compression files are much much larger. Comparison table
The current hardware with Terabytes or atleast 100s of Gigabytes storage could still handle 1000's of these hi quallity audio files.

So why do our arrangers not support Flac?

and who is using wav files instead of mp3 files?

another new feature is multi track audio, like we have seen on the SD7. There is also a new standard for this supported by Native instruments and Yamaha called Stems which consists out of 4 audio tracks that you can mix your self. supporting both MP4 audio standards as lossless audio. (Does anyone know if the multitrack audio of the SD7 does support this standard?) You can also loop parts of the audio, just like we do with midi files and markers.

A feature like this would add a lot to audio usabillity for arrangers? maybe we will see this, or even a version with more then 4 tracks in future arrangers.. I could imagine an 8 track audio standard with backward compatibillity to Stems.. (so it works with both standards)

So who else is using the audio playback of their arrangers regularly?

and whats your opinion of these kind of advancements?
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