G'day Professors,
Today I thought my KN7 was about to expire. While trying to record in the panel memory it would not accept and hold a change of rhythm (style) when I requested a variation to suit the music I was trying to save. It always changed every position in the Panel Memory to the new setting. Nothing I could see was OFF that should not be OFF, nothing was ON that should not be ON. I finally (by accident)noticed when holding the P/M SET button I was in NORMAL mode and not EXPAND mode.
Now this is a function I have no desire to change from EXPAND, and I wondered how it suddenly became a problem.
The only answer I can find is that when previously playing a style of someone else which I had been given, (do not know who) they must have had the mode changed to NORMAL.
Just for the benefit of anyone who may have had a similar occurrence.
It did frighten the hell out of me for a while !!!!!!!!!

See Ya !!!

Ray The Saint