Hi there.
Can any of you kind Technics people send me preferably the style for The Mavericks Dance the night away, or the midi file that would play back on a Technics KN5000.
A very good friend of mine who doesn't own a PC has been after this for a while. He has a KN5000, 6000 & 6500 but has asked for it to be for the KN5000.
Forgot to ask how I get them off PC to the Technics. I can stick the style onto a disk but I think my mate has a SD card for one of his keyboards. I've got a card reader but is there any software you need to install onto a PC in order to transfer these across or is it just a simple case of drag and drop?

Please send to craig1@cornholio.nildram.co.uk

Thanks in advance.

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