Hi Bob,

Thanks for going to the trouble to further look and come up with the KN5000 answer. I did it and it worked but I still don't know why the sound I wanted goes to the right sound memory group. It seems that both should be in the load area and go from left to right but it doesn't work that way. Very odd that this is not stated or stated clearly in the KN7000 manual.

Rog, I know what you are talking about but what I wanted to do was different.

The reason I wanted to add this particular sound was that I used both EASY EDIT and TONE for creating the sound and saved it. Once you leave EASY EDIT with a saved sound, it goes back to default so you have no idea what you did. Bring up TONE in a saved sound shows what you did but not in EASY EDIT.

Thanks, again guys for your help. It worked, Bob.