A couple years ago, while I was still using my PSR-3000, I created a song just for Memorial Day, one that I performed several times since. Each time I perform this song, I tend to make some mistakes, mainly because I become quite emotional when I see the results of the horrors of war sitting before me in the audience. These are people that have lost loved ones, several had been dismembered, and some were POWs in the German and Japanese concentration camps who manged, somehow, to survive those horrors. We send our children to war, yet we know there are no winners in any war. Unfortunately, wars will never end until the people of the world stop trying to force their religious and political views on others through violence.

Here's the song I performed with the PSR-3000 and recorded with the Zoom H2 digital recorder those many years ago. A big thanks to Eileen Lowrey for providing me with the War Movie style file.


Gary cool

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