Here's what I just posted on Korg PA900 forum:

As we all know, the 900 doesn't accept the Korg foot controller.
I purchased a Peak FCB4N2 controller and I have been able to assign intros, endings, break, start/stop, and some more functions.
I found a partial list of control numbers that one of our members worked out for PA600.
I can NOT find a full list though. Evidently Korg USA doesn't do phone support any more and they haven't answered my email. They probably don't know anyway.
I have looked in all the manuals from PA3x and PA900 and nowhere can I find a command to change Vocal Harmonizer on/off, Text up/down, etc.
Has anyone done any of this?
Here's the thread that was so helpful to me, but I'm pretty much a midiot. Smile

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.