I appreciate that many of you are thanking Nigel AND me for getting the forum back up and running again, however, I have nothing to do with the management of the synthzone.
Nigel owns the synthzone, He managaes it and takes care of the maintainence and all the inherent problems. I would willingly share that workload but all I do here is ummmmmmmm well, hmmmmmmmmm, just referee you could say. I try to keep our corner of the synthzone, happy, peaceful and exciting and everyone aware of the potential here. I felt that sending you all emails to let you know what the problem was is just part of that job Nigel gave me. I serve at his whim.
Like you should, I direct all my thanks to Nigel for the fine work he has done here in providing this platform for us to share with him and each other
Best to all of you from

Moderator SynthZone TECHNICS FORUM
Bill Forrest in SAN JOSE, CALIF. USA ICQ # 562519