Hi - Joe Waters of PSR Tutorial site has created a nice page for me to use to share registrations. It is at the link below. Thanks to Joe for all the work in creating the new page where I can share registrations for sets that I play
at various gigs (some are oriented toward "older folks" audiences such as at retirement homes; others are more for the rock'n'roll crowd, with 50s/60s/70s older rock mostly, mixed with some jazz tunes etc.)

Here is the link:


I have Tyros 3 versions, and my newer Tyros 5 versions (which I tweaked extensively to use the newer voices etc.), so any keyboard that can use T3 registrations is covered, and those with the new Tyros 5 can use the newer versions.

For now, the registrations groups on there are the same ones I shared a little while back. I plan to add some more soon (probably next will be my Italian songs and Irish songs
registration banks).

I hope that these are useful to some of you ..
Jim Laing
Genos / Tyros5 / HK Lucas Nano 600 / FTB Maxx 40a / EV ZX1A / Rock'n'Roller cart / Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ / misc other audio & music toys