Lets face it ,at best a recording is a copy,and if you use sampling technology, then you are adding copied elements to make a copy. On the other hand if you sing, play a guitar or other "natural" instrument you are only making one copy. If you are really talented and patient, you might make a really good track while singing and playing and maybe using a drum machine all at the same time and the track might not need much doctoring. So which is better? The DJ remixer who takes............er.......well, lets see a copy of a copy of a copy and changes the elements or adds new ones to make music, or for that matter the midi musician who performs to pre-copied tracks in the computer realm.
Just like those pretty models pictures we see who look perfect, only they airbrushed the crows feet and the zits away, or the pro artist who was singing flat and so they had to do a little pitch change modification. Now you know why they never sound as good in concert as they do on their CD,anyways, the point I'm making is a copy is a distortion of reality and in most cases nowdays it is a deliberate distortion, and so we no longer care what the origional sounded like, as long as the finished product is good. Modern music is a trip away from reality like music on steroids.
I will be the first to champion technology when rightfully used, but when is enough enough. I think when you can take some tone deaf chick with a serious lisp and make her a dead ringer for superstar just because she has a nice but or bum as the english would say, maybe thats going to far.