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Yes, the effect precedes the source. since every thing goes to the right, you have to turn the wav around backwards to pre convolve. But remember too long = poopie, and it's not a turd you can polish either! When convolving, ALWAYS have undo enabled!


Oh alright then here's the secret. first thing is convolving is a bitch. If you always remember that it will be a beautiful bitch LOL You can develop the knack to convolve by starting out with convolving a very echoey reverberence. Sample different profiles and record the results remembering the distances between the pulsations of the signal. you will find your limitation of that originating signal that way too. It develops an acuitie to doing it. Sort of like LOL Majongg! After a while you will know what you can do with what, notha tip: vowel portions of the vocal convolve in a more conformative manner than consenants,
which sound way cluttered, BUT are the best convolutions of all if you just give them a feather's touch worth. The result is that very trippie fry on acid sound but it is so sensitive, you have to just barely add a profiled amount to get that sound.
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