1.All the 3 layers sounds in PROGRAM, or edited in PROGRAM, should be able to be used in any STYLE (PATTERN)
2.STYLE/MODE/CHORD 2\2 INVERSION function ,should work allaround from C to C and to have the possibility to be used in each TRACK inside of a pattern in EDIT PATERN function.
3.Also in SAMPLER section, "Fine" function is working only in 'plus' but not 'minus' that should be fixed.Again functions like EQ,DSP,REVERB in MSP should be added in creating MSP.
4.MPSs are getting confused between them, waves in 44khz/16b,even with different names for each MSP are also are getting confused between them,and why more than 32 waves are not available for MSP creation.
5.A DRUM SET function should be able to use Internal Drums,combined with WAVE drums and DRUM INS, all together to be saved like "USER DRUM"
6.6 The sounds map Audya 4,1B for Cubase and Cakewalk with the sounds from MSP and Drums INS
7.A new version of Style Compiler to contain not only ARRA_MAJ,MIN,SEV but ARRA_DIM(Dimi too!