I am looking to replace the sounds in a hardware arranger by connecting it to my Macbook. At the moment I have PSR3000 but will upgrade it in the near future to something newer. My question is generic as far as which arranger keyboard is being used and if the software sound module requires any specific MIDI implementation that my keyboard does not have then I am willing to upgrade accordingly.

The most important feature for me would be to setup the software module to respond to program changes and load sounds on any channel automatically (based on what arranger keyboard is doing) and without delay. I do not mind a long boot up time (e.g. to load all sounds into computer memory) but then I am expecting not having to interact with the software and just let it run in the background (while I am playing the arranger with local sounds off). Cost is not a factor, just the sound quality and ability to do what I need.

I have not researched this type of software for a few years now and I am hoping to learn from the latest software users on this forum.

Any suggestions and software comparisons are appreciated.