Since the advent of harmonizers that respond to guitar inputs, I no longer have to rely on midi to get the signal to the vocal processor.. I don't use too many gimmicks when I play guitar, so the harmony was my priority - now that I have that ... I prefer playing my LINE 6 modeling guitar ... more guitar sounds and tunings. The MidiFly is an excellent axe - even without the midi, but I hardly ever use it. I suppose, it'd be fun in the studio to record doubling tracks with different midi voices, but I hardly ever record that way. I do a lot of "on the fly" (no pun intended) things, and I'd rather see this get used and loved than collect dust. I'm open to trades .. talk to me!
Everyone, and everything I listen to is my teacher. Every instrument, every voice, every sound in nature ... they are all my private tutor ... 24/7 for free.