Went to Guitar Center today to get some guitar equipment but figured I would go into the keyboard section while I was there. I do need to replace my aging Motif 6 Classic sometime soon so I was specifically looking at 61 key keyboards because that is all I can fit in my Camaro with the rest of my gear.

So I played around for a while on the Krome. The sounds all sounded good to me for a relatively low price keyboard and the keyboard while feeling a little cheap was still better than Yamahas in a similar price range. The only thing that put me off was it had about 3 keys in the higher octaves that didn't work at all. Sure this was a floor model that has quite a few customers messing around on it but it didn't give me the feeling that it would stand some years of gigging.

It's a pity because there was a lot to like about it for $999.