i assume you don't have the manual for version 3&4
so i opened my manual and started typing these instructions for you and other who may need help (no copy/paste here)

User Voive List .UVL can be associated to style, midi, mp3, and wave
they are located in folder C:USER VOICE LIST, INTO 4 SUBFOLDERS: MIDI, MP3, STYLE, WAVE

In alternative they can be set automatically on Menu: KEYBOARD CONTROL>UTILITY>PAGE 2/4> Player Autoload and Text+UVL or UVL

How to save UVL:
Edit menu is the same used for standard Voice List.

Make your modifications on the 20 Voices of the List provided on EFFECT/SFX group.
You can Save it in 2 ways:
1. Save together with the entire Voice List on folder C:\SYSTEM\INIT\VOICELIST.TOU by pressing USER 5/10 SAVE
2. Save just the individual User Voice by pressing USER 4/9 SAVE UVL.
This file will be saved into the UserVoice List folder of Audya

How to assign a UVL to style, Midifile, Wave, mp3:
Select style. Press Voice List tab and then select the Voice group EFFECT/SFX

Press Save. Related to the F3 button the display will show SAVE UVL to STYLE.

Pressing again F3 will save the User Voice List on folder USER_VOICE_LIST\STYLE.
If no other name has been written for the User Voice List, this will be saved with the same name of style.
Any time this style is recalled Audya will load automatically also it's corresponding User Voice List.

MID, WAV and MP3
The same oncept of the style is applied to mid, wav and mp3
Once file is selected press SAVE
On F3 button the display will show:
By pressing F3 the current User Voice List will be saved on the corresponding User Voice List folders.
When the User Voice List is saved with the same name of the files, then it will automatically be loaded.

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