Hi all,

New to all of this, have a Micro-arranger and psr1500 and would like to "try" a computer based solution to feed the ever present upgrade bug and drive for better sound etc. I'm newish to keyboards and only play for myself and close family.

So all I want is Tyros 4/Wersi/Ketron/pa3x in a small PC laugh
...and if I could change styles and lead parts at the touch of a button, great.

Perhaps the bar is too high, anything computers means hours of messing about but the reward should be discernible.

I need to read more but could anyone give me the basic configuration from which I can build from please. Many of the posts I read I don't understand as I don't have the basics to start from. Using Franks basic configuration, will someone please explain each item and what is needed for a starter configuration - many thanks Brian.

Franks system:
The basic system consist of:

Windows 7.(64 bit?)
Live-Styler (mostly), vArranger & OMB.
Abeleton Live includes effects (replaces forte as host).
Kontakt 5 Sampler for Main or Right Hand Sounds.

Main or Right Hand VST Sounds:
NI Kontakt 5, Bardstown, VRSound, GOP, JABB, Garritan Strings, and many others.

Auto Accompaniment Wavetables:
Halion 1.6, Bandstand, SGM 2.01, Colossus (General Midi, XG, GS, etc.)

Antares Harmony EFX

i7 Intel Processor
M-Audio 1010LT Soundcard

Roland A37 controller keyboard