Looking for some expert guidance on fixing my keyboard. For some reason, my precocious nephew opened it up a few years ago (can't recall why) and since then it has developed a myriad problems.

Floppy disk drive is not recognized, doesn't power up consistently, all keys have a spooky-wavy sound upon startup, pitch bender doesn't work, etc. I can always power it up by unplugging and plugging back one of the white connectors to the mother board. The spooky-wavy aspect goes away when I turn on and then turn off the GM mode.

I'm hoping the silver lining is that it is a few (or one?) connection that may causing all of these problems. I developed a whole bunch of neat styles and sounds on this which I'd love to re-discover. Used to be an old software package someone had written once where I could organize performance memories on the laptop - this was just the most awesome piece of s/w ever written.

Anyway, if anyone has suggestions on what to look for with these symptoms and how to fix it without breaking the bank? I've seen some being sold for $400-500, but would rather just fix my baby.

IMO, the G-800 still had the best UI for live performances, i.e., changing PMs and styles on the fly - smooth. The G-1000 was a let down. Don't know much about the latest ones out there.

Please email to rustcat@hotmail.com as I have a lot of catching up to do here.

Cheers then,