Hello everyboby..
I've been reading this forum on and off for quite some time now and it's been a great source for information. I've soleved must of my problems with just reading, but now i'm having a major problem that i realy need help with. Hoping that someone here can help me with it..

Im having problem with my Ketron XD9 keyboard. I't doesn't save any settings any more. Neither the startup (general) settings, user voice or styles settings, nothing. It doesn't show any of the preset styles, just the ones that i load from the floppy or the internal hard drive. All the factory presets are completely blank, no styles and no program (combination) voices. The basic voices are there there and i can program the kayboard as always, but after i've turned it off and on it's completly blank again. Exept for the user styles i loaded from the hard drive.

I've sent it to the local rapair man, but he found nothing. All hed did was a general cleanup.. I sent it to my brother who's usualy quite good at repairing electronical equipment, but he's not a musician and not used to musical equipment either so no help there. But at least he could se that there aren't any problem with the soldering and nothing is burnt inside the keybord.

If any one has any info or help, i would be very gratefull! It's as you all know an older keyboard and though i got it cheap when i got it, im not that interrested in spending to much money sending it here and there for a repair. Not when there are newer keyboards for not that much money to be found on the used market..

Thanks in advance and thans for a great forum!