Now that I've received and installed Fred's program, I'm looking for some help doing what I'd like to do. I know that some in here are experienced and look to them for assistance.
What I want to do is this: I have an SD card that has all of the tunes on it that the Casinos perform. This is my "master" SD. I'd like to re-do the master SD and re-organize the songs per the "sets" that we do so that everything is in proper order, rather than me jumping around to the 3 different folders I've created. That's project #1. Project #2 involves creating set lists for our 1-hour show, as well as the Show we're going to do with the Platters (we're doing around 10 songs). That way, I have separate SD's for both the 1-hr show, as well as one for the Platters show (which we'll repeat at different venues). I just didn't want to go in mucking around taking the chance that I'll mess something up, thus the request for some input from you more experienced SD-Explorer users...thanks in advance for any assistance. Jim H.