Here is a some detail who Ketron post to my seller:

Dear Customer,

We inform you that the new SOUND UPGRADE for Audya is now ready for delivery.

It is contained in a Pen Drive which will be supplied with its own packaging and instructions for the installation (see attached file).

At the same time, supplementary information will be available on our web site to give the users further help for a correct installation.

The Pen Drive can be used, as many times as necessary, but only on the same Audya where it has been inserted the first time.

The capacity of this support is 2 Gigabytes, of which 1,8 are already occupied by the SOUND UPGRADE.

The free space (200 Mb approx.) could be used to load midi files, mp3, etc

When connected to a PC, the Pen Drive will be recognized as a regular USB device, it can also be formatted and used for other

purposes but, in this case, the original content will be deleted.

Despite the above notes, we suggest to use the Pen Drive only for its main purpose and to keep it as is, in case of eventual future need.

Consequently it is important not to delete, to remove or to modify any original file.

Please let us know, as soon as possible, how many pieces you intend to order. We will try to ship them by fast courier within the end

of this month.

We are at your disposal for any further information you may need and we look forward to receive your soon reply.

Best Regards.

K E T R O N s.r.l.

Sales Department