I have a an old Ensoniq TS-10 and want to use a CV-Pedal with it. I got a Behringer FCV100, but doesn't fit: The modulation span is only working in the first parts of the pedal way frown

I don't really understand the technical stuff of the pedals. Can anyone give me a hint? These are the specs for pedals with the TS-10:
3-conductor (Tip= control voltage input, Ring=510
ohm resistor to +5 Volts, Sleeve= ground). 36 KOhm input
impedance, DC coupled. Input voltage range=0 to 3 volts DC. Scan
rate=32mS (maximum recommended modulation input= 15 Hz). For
use with an external control voltage, use a 2-conductor cable with the
voltage on the tip and the sleeve grounded.

The Behringer pedal seems to modulate 0 to 50 kOhm. Could I somehow modify this one to make it work?

Or, what other pedal would work. Does anyone have ony experience?

Thanks and regards,