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Hi Diki,

Don't forget, I can take ANY style, be it converted from another arranger, & then quickly & easily for each different variation, add:

1. Live onboard drums
2. Live onboard grooves
3. Live onboard bass
4. Like onboard arps & licks
5. Live onboard guitars
6. Live onboard user created drums (already being created by everyday users)
7. Live onboard user created live guitars (yes, only these ones are hard to do yourself)

to it. It is hard to comprehend just WHAT this does for the original style. (Don't forget, you can also attach 18 different wav files of your choice, transposed and synced automatically to the rest of the style, to the different parts of any style as demonstrated in a video somewhere in this same thread.

This procedure is so easy & quick to do that even a child could do it. I need no complex style creation software, neither do I need any more audio loops. There are just THAT many onboard ones to choose from...My AJAMSONIC update is with our customs. I'll have it in a day or two. It brings with it hundreds, if not over a thousand additional live professional audio tracks that can be added to the already impressive variety of ones onboard!

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Yes Henni... it is the full nature of the audio styles that I was talking about, not just audio drums.

The thing is, I'm not talking of taking already created content and adding it to other styles. I'm talking about making NEW styles. One of the things I have noticed about the Ketron 'sound' is a decided lean towards Euro-centric styles and grooves. There's a lot of stuff that either is under-represented or not represented at all with regard to US styles. Now, this isn't surprising, given Ketron's main market is over in the EU, but as audio styles (complete ones, not just drums) are much harder to produce, the speed with which us more 'niche' markets gets addressed (LOL... the US a 'niche' market!) is pretty slow.

There are some pretty amazing loop libraries of guitar picking and strumming, bass loops and other things out there. Being able to easily import them would help broaden the appeal of the Audya, IMO.

The thing about this technology is, the logical conclusion of it is, ALL style parts being audio. But currently, other than the drums and bass, any chordal style part suffers from the streaming not being fast enough to cope with more than three main chord types, and only on the one Part.

All I am saying is, by the time modern computer standards are implemented (those are some pretty dated specs for data transfer compared to a modern computer), this arranger will finally deliver the promise it holds out right now.

I have always said, if the content the Audya comes with suits you fine, it is an extraordinarily good sounding arranger as is. The problem starts when you find yourself doing music it doesn't really address. For instance, I do a LOT of reggae. There is ONE reggae audio style in the factory list. That's not going to cut it for me. No New Orleans type beats, Cajun, and many other local styles.

If it was easy for ME to make audio styles, I could use it. But if the groove isn't already in the arranger, you are out of luck. There are some people making styles for the Audya, but they tend to be of limited use unless you are Baltic or Mediterranean!

An amazing arranger without sufficient CONTENT I can use is of limited value.

Maybe in another ten years...!
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