If you take a minute and search with google, you'll find many style archives, such as








also get the free EMC Styleworks that lets you import styles http://korgpa.com/pa_root/software/bonusware/emc/styleworks2k_korgpa.zip

Midiworks PA demo at http://midisoft.pl/en/

Midi to style conversion tool http://www.korgpa.com/pa_root/software/computer/Pa80_StyleToMidi_106.zip

You can import all the i-series styles in the PA50 & Micro


Originally Posted By: vdospec
I'm interested in Resources as well, I joined over at that forum and right away some Guy which I will not say who it was tried to sell me something for my new MicroArranger Board, well I complained on that board, as I stated how displeased I was that he tried to sell me something and they seemed to love this man and in the process kinda of created a witch hunt of me and kicked me off the board. All i wanted was to know where FREE resources are and Styles to download as Korg stated when I bought it that they were all over the internet.

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