Hi Guys,

I mainly play pedal steel in a few country bands but have always loved playing a little keyboard now and then. I have a Korg i3; love the build quality but the sounds are so dated (and Korgy smile

So, this new band that I'm playing with is doing more modern country and some classics (Heartbreak Hotel) that lend themselves more to KB rather than pedal steel.

I went out to look at the Yammy MM6 today, excited about the Motif sounds in an affordable package. Sadly, I couldn't get past the awful KB action and response. Maybe I'm not good enough to play on any type of KB but it seemed cheaper than my old PSR-500!

So I see this used Motif 6 (Non ES) at GC for $550 in very good condition. I love the action and the sounds seemed great.

Since it just came in, they have a 30 day delay to pickup as they check for theft, etc.

This gives me time to check with you experts and see if that's a good fit for me (Live only) or it's sounds are too dated and I should keep looking?

Sorry for the long intro!


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