The basic system consist of:

Windows 7.
Live-Styler (mostly), vArranger & OMB.
Abeleton Live includes effects (replaces forte as host).
Kontakt 5 Sampler for Main or Right Hand Sounds.

Main or Right Hand VST Sounds:
NI Kontakt 5, Bardstown, VRSound, GOP, JABB, Garritan Strings, and many others.

Auto Accompaniment Wavetables:
Halion 1.5, Bandstand, SGM 2.01, Colossus (General Midi, XG, GS, etc.)

Antares Harmony EFX (Works well with Abeleton Live but not with Brainspawn's forte.).

i7 Intell Processor
M-Audio 1010LT Soundcard

This system works well with my Roland A37 controller keyboard:

You can use the lowest octave for changing variations, fills, etc. Alternatively you can progam all the buttons on the PC keyboard to perform all the arranger controls you want.

There is no noticable delay in playing the notes or changing sounds for both the auto accompaniment (Wavetable is fully loaded or each wave is partially loaded) or the main (right hand voices which are loaded in Kontakt/Abeleton Live-switching channels changes voices, etc.). Now you may from time to time changes all your right hand voices to better suit what your playing say from jazz to country....keep in mind you can load many, many, many, many sounds since it only loads part of each wave within each sound.

As most of you know I have used this kind of system for years, and then some. Would I ever go back to a hardware based system....the answer is absolutely not. On top of everything the system sounds really, really good.

Lucky me!!!