Many thanks to BeBop for suggesting I add this info to the forum. I donít like spam so please donít consider this as such.
Just a quick word to let everyone know we have completed the huge "KN7000 REPRISE" software set for the Tyros 3, Tyros 4 and PSR-S910/710. Over 90 KN7000 styles converted up to Tyros 4 standard complete with registrations (SA2 voices etc). Full details here, plus 9 mp3 samples to listen to... Ė we have also uploaded details of this and other software onto eBay for those who prefer to pay through them, though the above item is 10% dearer there to account for the 14% eBay and Paypal take from it. KN7000 REPRISE on EBAY -

Any questions, please feel free to ask

Neil Blake