Wanted to let you (yamaha minded people) know about the following:

Last monday night Martin Harris perfomed an amazing show around the Tyros series organized by my dealer. (Oostendorp The Netherlands)
Over 300 guests enjoyed the show and got impressed by Martins' playing, humor and 'the GREAT Tyros4B'.

Some of us were lucky and had a chance to chat with Martin and some other members of the Yamaha team..... realy nice/friendly people and willing to listen to and discuss with customers.

Without any doubt Martin is the kindest, most modest demoist I've ever met.

Many guests report it was the best performance they saw in 10 years of the Tyros history. Others (including me) report they got emotional (tears coming up) by the wonderful music (;-)

PS. I also posted in the 'general' section, but most of the replies whine about the fact no video was recorded/put on youtube!?