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Hi,to "Audya" lovers in Australia (I'm one of You).
I've tried to upgrade my "Audya-4" to AJamsonic package, thru my local dealer, it took me 3 months of the negotiations, the answer I get, I'll call you back, I'll look into it , I'll tray to get one for you, and nothing happen for another two months, than I call AJ, and the mater was resolved in five minutes, so, if you would like to upgrade to AJAMSONIC, don't bother to call your local dealer ( who is the only one in Australia, and He SUCKS), just call AJ and You'll get Your upgrade
in lighting speed.


Hi I'm an Aussie to, I know the dealer you are talking about, and yes they are fairly unimpressed with follow up when it comes to Audya.
Can I ask what AJ is doing for you, is he giving you instructions on how to upgrade, parts and so on, price? well guess that's probably
not the thing to be asking, but any thing you can tell me would be great, because I to have given up on that dealer.