I have a problem that the sound(the volume) from count in suddenly drops out. When pressing the "count in" button the "start/stop" button lighs up, but no sound from count in. It counts but no sound, the style starts. This has happened several times, usual it comes back after a restart, but one time I had to reload the OS to get it back. Now it's been fine for a while, yesterday I played for about 6hours, all fine. Today, after switching on, "count in sound" was gone, after a restart it was ok again. Got this answer from Ketron about the problem:
"Does this happen when you switch from Registration to Registration? If yes, the registration has to be set so that the volumes are all the same (Registration Menu).
Also, once you reload the OS and the count volume is right, save this setting (by pressing SAVE - CUSTOM SETUP) so that this setting is saved each time the machine is turned on...
The last part I have done, saving as "custom start up". Dont quite understand the first part: setting registration volumes to the same in registration menu.
All my reg's are at the same volume for live playing, if that's what they mean. Anyone having the same problem?? Thanks