#1-Peformance with Style buttons; selects just as it says; Style and performance together.

#2-Performance alone; Selects three right hand sounds and one left hand sound. It also saves a number of other areas like volume; but does not include a style.

#3-Sound alone; touch one of the instruments you which to change select one the buttons on the right (be sure that Performance is off) and sect your instrument. You will only change the instrument that you selected in the home page.
When setting up a song if you use the Song Book and the performance do one great job.

Keep in mind that you are trying to duplicate a certain band that you have heard instruments and volumes the band in In the Mood has a certain sound Moonlight Serenade is very different; this is where the performance comes in.

One other thought; the pads can add so much; example, a Big Band Ballad add a pad that has a cymbal on all four beats and the feeling changes. Add a string Pad and the feeling is fuller, good for voice backing.

Enjoy keep us posted, John C.