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i don't understand the logic of having 2 different models that are so similar, they should just be one.
why didn't they just combine the features of both new keyboards and come up with one super synth?
maybe trying to keep cost down?
from what I gather, the differences are hex sounds and drawbars, 100 more pcm sounds vs 100 less pcm sounds and sampler (no hex and no drawbar)

I initially,wasn't too thrilled with having to make a choice between flash memory and sampling,versus a full blown synth...but I much prefer a keyboard being primarily about sounds,more than anything else...so the choice was made easy by those differences and ultimately,having the best performance synth on the market for $499 that out-performs virtually everything under a $1,000 is beyond a dream come true!

I could see how people could be frustrated by paying $100 more for a synth that is a trade off feature-wise,but flash memory is very expensive...hence the price increase.