After Listening to AJ' Demo's several times, I felt compelled to let AJ know about the Business Idea I came up with for him.

Of coarse this is my personal opinion of what I hear while critiquing his demo's.

The editing, re-balancing, re-voicing, tweaking, re-vamping and changing up of the instruments within the style, to my ear, has almost achieved a Tyros3 sound!

Now, don't get me wrong, that isn't necessarily a bad thing!

So I felt AJ should take this ONE BIG STEP EVEN FURTHER!

How about, Designing and Building us a BRAND NEW ARRANGER KEYBOARD?

I've even come up with a name for you, and I don't mind if you capitalize on my idea.

Picture this.........THE " YAMATRON "!

I know what you are all saying right now, WOW, what a COOL IDEA!

We Arranger players usually start looking for the LATEST and the GREATEST every couple of years to stay on the MUSICAL CUTTING EDGE.

Here is an opportunity to fulfill our wants and needs.

If you build it so it provides that great" LIVE BAND "sound, and design it with an operating system that ACTUALLY WORKS CORRECTLY, I know I WOULD BUY ONE!

Anybody else out there that would spend your money on a NEW " YAMATRON? " smile

Post your answer and opinion's on this idea.