I ordered my hard-disk from AJ and picked it up from the post office last Wednesday (12-28-11). I opened up my Audya and installed the drive , held a button down for 5 seconds, closed up the keyboard, put the USB drive in the left slot and the Audya updated its software, styles, sounds and a whole bunch of other stuff. If and when you get yours -you will have a few great surprises. I used my Audya than night and my guitarist said "wow that board has some balls!" The styles and sounds are balanced, the voice processor is amazing and sounds great, the new sounds are useful and sound good, I think some of them are better in a studio /production setting. I really like the sound of the drums with compression and the incredible guitar riffs. I'm still learning more about this upgrade but I'm satisfied that it is definitely worth the expense and saves me from buying another board. It makes good sense to update software and re-use a basically good instrument. I hope more exciting updates will come down the road.