Hello.I'm new here, and I don't know if my request is appropriate or not.I have had my SD-1+ for a year or so, and I know it's capable of a lot more than I'm getting out of it.Probably, because I am a Twentieth Century Technophobe trapped in a Twenty-First Century High Tech World,I am failing to understand the instruction book.
Here's the deal.Is there anyone in the Lehigh or Delaware Valley areas that would be interested in helping an old man maximize his use of his new toy.
My primary interest is performance,Style Management,And Style collecting.And Computer Interfacing.Anyone interested? Would it help if I waved money?
I have to say that even with my limited use of this machine,I enjoy it more than anything else I ever had,and it has greatly enhanced my playing.
Thank you........George

No Regrets
No Regrets