I have been a silent observer of this forum for some time now. I have owned an SD1 for about a year. The styles on this board are amazing. I recently had a problem with the display. I live in an area where there were no Ketron service centers. I contacted Lou at Bell-Ketron. He immediately helped me make arrangements for someone in my location become authorized to work on Ketrons, and he did this in ONE day. I took my SD1 in (locally) the following day and received it back that same day. When I contacted Bell-Ketron, Lou spoke with me directly and made the arrangements himself. Lou's concern? That he be able to make whatever arrangements necessary to help me, the customer, in any way he could. This is by far the best customer service I have ever received.

Anyone considering purchasing a Ketron keyboard, rest assured that their customer service is A+ as far as I'm concerned. For gigging musicians this is a must.