You'd think it would be a combination of talent and persistence, but, for me, at least, there has been a good amount of luck involved.

When I got started, it was a chance contact with Louis Belsom, which resulted in lots of good things.

15 years ago,or so, it was a casual visit to the restaurant I played by a major studio dude and Grammy winner.

In college, I played in a house band that became very big in the country field. That resulted in lots of studio work and additional valuable contacts in the industry.

Recently, I have been playing for one of the biggest horse farm owners in the world. The guy flies horses around the farms, located everywhere from Australia to Dubai, in two custom 747's.

In this case, the dad of my "adopted" grandkids is head groom, and the son of my guitar tech is farm manager.

I am scheduled to go overseas four times a year, for a week at a time (just got back from my third trip), and could comfortably live on the pay from playing two hours a night for dinner. This is the same guy who brings in the Neville Brothers to play for a party of 50 people, and who tips me $500.00 every time he comes to a restaurant I play.

Lots of other similar things have happened in my time as a musician. Talent? Well, enough to get by, but, mostly, it's been "right place at the right time" and references from people you treat with respect.

What about you? Talent...persistence...luck or a combination of all three (and maybe other factors).


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