There are 47 brand new styles and 32 re-vamped styles from Ketrons XD series.

The brand new styles have been really tweaked especially the balancing of the drums. I really like the sound of them. It almost feels like your playing a whole different keyboard.

What ever Ketron did to create the sound and feel of these new styles is dead on! It would have been awesome if they would have redone all the styles with this balancing and used more of the new drum tracks.

The 32 XD styles are located in the unplugged section. These are pretty good, however no comparison with the brand new styles.

Robert Messier was heavily involved with the creation of 10 new styles for Ketron. Unfortunately, all of them were not included in the upgrade. Robert is a musicians musician when it comes to utilizing the Audya's full capabilities. Big mistake on Ketron's part not taking full advantage of Robert's talent!

The Organ Bebop style located in the swing section is my favorite. In variation 4 the drummer really shows his stuff. I increased the volume of the drum track to make the drummer stand out even more. If you like swing/boogie, you'll all enjoy this style! Fun stuff!

All in all, the upgrade was worth the wait. The new styles and the additional super solo voices alone are worth the upgrade. I noticed a few improvements in the OS also. I don't use midi files, so I can't comment in that area.

Now we'll wait and see what AJ's upgrade has to offer. With Ketron's and AJ's together, we'll Blast OFF on another Musical trip to the stars.

And the beat goes on.....and the beat goes on!