Thank you very much my friends!!!!!!

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those Drum Fills @ 6:55-8:15 ROCK, nothing comes close

Sokratis, that guitar at 9:07-9:20, new sound? what sound?
that brass at 9:20-9:50, new sound? what sound?

THANK YOU for taking the time and sharing your demos
it's not about a perfect demo, or if you played the right notes,
or messed up, etc

it's about hearing the overall quality of sound, and i LOVE what i hear...

Thank you my friend Leezone!!!....
So.....In your question now...

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1) that guitar at 9:07-9:20, new sound? what sound?

No.....this is a factory sound, and its the third sound of Guitar Bank.. The name of sound is JAZZ&SLIDE (maybe, becouse i don't rememeber right the name) and it exist from before Upgrate...

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2)that brass at 9:20-9:50, new sound? what sound?

Is found in the program and the name is a BIG BAND
However it is shaped by me ...

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1- What is the name of the strings that you use at 2:29

The name of Strings is CONCERT_STRINGS and exist in Programs (STRINGS)...
However also it is shaped by me smile

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2- Any news about your styles for Sale

I had working in a new Greek USB Korg project
This coming winter, you will be have my new about new styles of Audya...

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haw you did long pasases with drums in first Swing styles.If I try the same Style and I cant maked like this.What is the sicret?

Please go to SWING category and select the new style with name (ORGAN_BEBOP)
For solo of Drummer please press VARIATION_4 and the fills exist in this, without to press any Fill, or Break....


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