Ok Roland users, I need to know if the UPS files (guess they're set lists) are similar to the Performance Lists in the BK-7M? If they are, anyone know of a PC editor which will read these files on a PC or Intel Mac?

T3 is nice, but I miss my G-70 and want to try to work with one or an E-80 again by sending CC/PC messages to address the MusicFinder DB locations CC122/CC??? to pull up the songs I want to play but also need to know if the UPS files load the same as on the BK-7m.

If I go with the BK-7M, no Touch Screen but very deep menus to memorize and lose my way - just as bad as working with the Touch Screen when you can't read the screen. So, working on a PC or Mac is easier to setup the UPS from UPGs or just styles with no additional settings and then setup a Database to send cc/pc commands to call them up through MIDI.

Tried looking at the UPS_Editor on the Roland Zone but the zip file is corrupted.
Vince Mistretta