i'm not a big fan of all these incremental updates.

i have a feeling i know why some are have problems and others aren't with this update

i mean is EVERYONE, on exactly the same OS BEFORE install?
some had the old pen update, others didn't, some are on initial OS 1.0, or 2.0, 3.0, etc.

i doubt this tiny 4.2a, updates ALL AUDYAS with different OS's exactly the same.
does 4.2a really take into account which OS is previously installed?
nd does it install those other OS files that weren't there to begin with because perhaps it was never updated?

i think the ONLY way to do an update the RIGHT way, is to:

first save all your styles/registrations/songs/audio loops, midi, whatever is YOURS

and THEN do a FULL 4.2a update (12gb or whatever..)
where is 4.2a full update ?
it does not exist, but it should...

Everyone should start with a CLEAN hard drive, and install the entire thing via DVD's, PENS whatever,

there are just to many variables....

REFORMAT, and REINSTALL EVERYTHING... and then let's see who has bugs

I would even PAY for the Full DVD's if i had to

think about it Ketron