For Sale - WERSI Scala Organ

The WERSI Scala is written about and easily found through some Web searches; you can
hear people play them on YouTube, and read about them on various WERSI web sites.
So, this listing will not include the details of is capabilities - way too much to list here!
If you're not familiar with WERSI and the Scala model, use the Web to find out all the details.
It's a high-end instrument, original cost was around $30,000 or more. In addition, well
over $1,500 was spent on extras, and several $thousand more for computer upgrades,
processor boards, etc.

This WERSI Scala has many extras, has been well cared for, and is in excellent working condition.

Cosmetically in very good condition; there are a few small holes in inconspicuous areas. The wood is
generally in excellent condition; only minor "wear" shows. (see photos)

Here are some details:
OAS System version 7.1 R00.42
Real Drums
Open Art Arranger (a $1,000 extra)
Drum Sets 1 (an optional drum sample set)
Vocalist (an option that includes a board
with vocal harmony processing etc.)
Recently upgraded to a 10" touch screen, which is much better than the original screen
We added 5 toe pistons, which are currently not wired in; we have the schematic on how to wire them in.
Includes a 4-CD instruction set made by Daniel Watt (excellent way to learn about the instrument)
Floppy drive has been replaced with a USB connector, so it's quick and easy to connect USB memory sticks
With original bench (adjustable height)
Theatre organ (24) and Classical organ sounds (38) (installed from purchased CD)
Big Band preset collection (on its originally, purchased CD)
Various CDs and manuals included

LOCAL SALES ONLY - (East Coast, USA) we will not ship; if you are seriously interested, talk with us,
if you want to arrange for shipping, that is an option; but ideally we would like to
sell via local pickup.

ASKING $12,000 somewhat negotiable, "best reasonable offer"
Contact me at
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