Here is the style I promised earlier today on the Korg Pa80 forum. It was originally created on a Pa50 but it works fine on the Pa800 too. If you turn off "Memory" or activate "Sync Stop" this style gives the same effect as the "Stop Accompaniment" feature on a Yamaha PSR. Two lower voices are triggered when you play a chord- a bass tone and a string pad sound. (Of course it can be revoiced to use the instruments of your choice.) You could easily add even more instruments by copying the note events to one of the unused accompaniment tracks.

The drum track is normally muted, but it contains a uniform drum beat (wooden block) which can be used in place of the metronome. This was necessary because the style is set to a slow 48 BPM to delay the slight glitch that occurs when the notes are retriggered at the end of the style track. At this tempo, the style will run glitch-free for more than 5 minutes.

Have fun with it! If you make your own variations of this style please share them on the forum!!

Note: The .zip file contains a SET folder, but when fully expanded, the only thing in the set is one style, and that's the custom style.

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Description: Rubato Trig (retrigger) style for Korg Pa arrangers