Hi Tony

You are correct, Wersi never did go in for mass marketing, however as they no longer exist it is a moot point.

Music Store on the other hand are well aware of how to sell thousands, (Remember they also sell all the other manufactures models) as they have the marketing skill and contacts. (As well as being one of the biggest music stores in Europe)

There are very few shops that sell arrangers (Particularly the more expensive like T4, PA3x, and Wing etc.) but I would imagine they will be looking to sell them in other stores as the Wing becomes more established.

The Wing is made like any other arranger (On a production line) in the Far East, so will probably be an off the shelf item. (As with all keyboards it will be up to the dealer to order the correct amount in good time)

I have absolutely no experience of the Wing (I have never seen one) the only thing I know is that it doesnt run OAS 7, does not have the Creamware (Sonic Core) DSP card and runs on Windows 7 instead of XP, so I am as much in the dark as everyone else.

You could say the same about the PA3x, as this is also being launched into a depressed market.

We will just have to wait and see how it goes and what it offers

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