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What the f&^k money has to do with ANY of the post I made, i don't know???!!
You are one really wired and weird dude man!!

All I am saying is show a little more patience than you demonstrated with the Audya.

Throwing jabs at folks like AFG, who is only trying to help other by posting these links and other info he finds, is really a waste of everyones time..And you just get yourself stressed up!!

For What??

Your X7 or a MK II MS ain't gonna come any quicker, no matter how much you rant and rave.

As I said to you on another post, we are all happy to answer all your queries (if we can), but by starting your complaining on this forum you will quickly alienate those that want to help you.


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Thanks for the offer for advice on the X7 when I get it, I think the build date is going to be some time in late july from what Dom said. I think I will be OK with the X7 . If you reads Diki bit he wrote about what people should expect from a manufacturer he covers it very well.

Regards Tony
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