Lets say that i was trying to build a very versatile Software music workstation....based on Vst's

So the hearth of that Music station would be Forte

Now for veratallity i'd love to use sequencers like fruity loops or cubase, virtuall arrangers like jammer live, live-styler and OMB(for piano style play) and BiAB and Jammer pro.......

How do i setup these programs to work with Forte... I can't find anything in the Forte online manuall...

And will it be possible to switch live from a midi/audio song in cubase to a style using live styler....

Is there an easy way to route my midi keyboard output to live styler with one performance and to OMB with another performance.. As i have found features that 'd love to use from OMB and i have found feautures that i like better in live-styler (I have to look up more info on jammer)

In theory softsynths its all simple, but when think more about it there are so many things that you need to take care of when you want to make a broad set-up with many vst's and a lot of other virtuall stuff, and i definately want a lot more then 16 virtuall midi channels

So first things first, how do i hook up a sequencer like fruity loops to forte?

Or how did you hook up your live-styler to forte?

I am a bit overwhelmed...



For now i have found out that i need to use scenes in forte to change my settings to multiple moddules...

So i guess you guys make a base scene that routes all XG to the used vst's... for styles.. and then you build your scenes sepperatly for every performance on top of that?

So i do not have access to all my vst's all the time?

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