A new download has been added on the Wersi Austria site, which unfortunately has been recorded in Mono and at a 96Kbs bit rate, (At least its a start) but still worth a listen.
For the reason above I have run it through my Magix software which has facilities to help compensate for the compression effect of such a low bit rate, (Still Mono though) and I have posted a second link to this file so that you can make a comparison.
The instrument is the Wersi Scala (However all the sounds are the same in all OAS instruments) with the Open Art Arranger software and features the Tyros 2 Bebop style, the drums are provided by the EZ Drummer VST and the organ sounds are provided by the B4 VST, all other sounds (Brass, Piano and Bass) are a combination of OAS 7 and Tyros 2 sounds. (The Open Art Arranger software comes with all the Tyros 2 Megavoices and Drums etc as standard (No SA voices though))
Hope you enjoy

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