Bernie: As I have the Axiom-49 I am familiar with the 61. Same buttons, just more keys. And yes, I do love the feel of it. My thought was, as a keyboard for arranger software, I was wondering if the E-mu was a better fit with its 16 programmable buttons that could be used for switching styles, variations etc. I know the Axiom has as many control surfaces if not more, but they are not grouped as conveniently as the E-mu. The 61-key E-mu is the price of the 49-key Axiom, this may be a factor for some. I have yet to play the E-mu so I can't comment on its feel. I think I tried it and liked the Axiom the best, but I am going to check again to make sure. Final plus on the E-mu side is it does come with some nice LE versions of software so out-of-the-box you get a collection of E-mu Proteus sounds and Steinberg Cubase.