I am getting an idea to check into the soft world, but possibly not using OMB or LS. I'm thinking there must be a rhythm machine soft program where you can pick latin, swing beats etc that will sound maybe even better than what's available using OMB or LS and dealing with their particular issues.

In other words I'm considering checking into doing all the parts live except for the drummer. I already have some midi bass pedals. They are an octave. If this goes the way I want maybe I'd want to get an octave and a half or a two octave pedal board.

This along with mainly the sounds of the Rhodes, B3, Vibes, Accordian, Piano, Guitar and Bass. The demos I've just heard on these instruments have just about blown me away.

I'm getting the notion of having 2 or 3 midi controller keyboards and have it set up more like an organ.

So, I assume there is soft Rhythm machine programs. Could you point me in that direction as I still don't have a good enough vocabulary to do a google search on this and related things.